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 Mr Akhbari
By shafqat ali on 27/08/2014

The Hilaal of Dhul Qa'dah has not been sighted anywhere in Australia. Therefore, the month of Dhul Qa'dah will commence from Thursday, 28/08/2014.

Dr. Shabbir Ahmed

By shafqat ali on 13/08/2014

 Awaaz E Dost- 91.1 FM at 3 Pm today --Todays special topic: Kashmiri Koftey recipe and video games and children plus as always great music.

By shafqat ali on 26/07/2014

There is a comedy event on Saturday 30-AUG-2014 at Riverside Parramatta, Cnr Church and market street, Parramatta

Featuring Internationaly acclaimed comedian SAAD HAROON

By shafqat ali on 25/07/2014

 Budget Effect on Health & Education of Common Man Family - Analysis by Prof. Dr Nadim Malik


By shafqat ali on 25/07/2014

Good afternoon,

Thank you for attending last night's function at the Old Melbourne Gaol.
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate two of our colleagues who received awards on the night for their outstanding contribution to the Crime Stoppers program.
Details below;
Crime Stoppers Unit MLP manager Leigh Trinh: Crime Stoppers International Coralie Wagner Memorial Service Award winner - 2013. In recognition for outstanding performance and commitment, personifying a spirit of community cooperation and demonstrating qualities of leadership on a local, national and international level.
Crime Stoppers Unit Detective Senior Sergeant Michael Bennett: S.I. "Mick" Miller Award winner - 2014. The S.I. "Mick" Miller Award is presented annually to a member of Victoria Police who has made an outstanding contribution to the Victorian Crime Stoppers program.
Jane McCUBBIN I Web/Media Liaison Officer - Crime Marketing  
Crime Stoppers - Intelligence & Covert Support Command
18th Floor, 412 St Kilda Road Melbourne 3004
T: 03 9865 2872 I Fax: 9865 2609 DX 210094
By shafqat ali on 22/07/2014

Eid-ul-Fitr Prayer in Sydney Eid Gaah on 1st of Shawwal.

Venue: Anee Equillina Reserve (Blacktown Olympic Park) Eastern Road Rooty Hill NSW 2766

By shafqat ali on 22/07/2014

On 10th of August 2014, PTI Australia Celebrating Independence day of Pakistan

By shafqat ali on 22/07/2014

TC29-14 (CA7458): assault - Williamstown - 4 May 2014.
Wanted: Rachael FULTON.

By shafqat ali on 21/07/2014

Khatam-E-Qur'aan Taraweeh 

Thursday 24-Jul-2014, 5PM-10PM

 Eid Moon Sighting 2011


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